Jonix - aria sanitizzata nei negozi

Making your heart beat is worth more than a discount: multi-sensory strategies for points of sale

If you’ve ever walked into a store with a particular window display or a fresh and delicious scent, you will probably remember for a long time what that place was like. This is because the senses are closely linked to the human memory and people are more likely to remember places where they have experienced intense emotions. This is why all stores should consider the...

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Nonni Felici Covid-free

Nonni felici 4.0: clean air and cheerfulness against covid

Nonni Felici 4.0 is a Care Home with more than one anomaly: it has maintained a philosophy of openness to the outside as much as possible (except, of course, during the months of national lockdown) and has not had even a single case, to date, of Covid-19, neither among the staff, nor among the assisted. We talked about this happy anomaly with Fabio Ruvolo, president...

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Sanitise the air in your house with indoor plants

They sanitise the air in your home, absorb pollution, relieve eyesight, improve your mood and have a very low maintenance cost.What are they? One of the many miracles of nature: indoor plants! We explained to you in another article that to maintain ideal conditions in the house and have a healthy environment, you must control the temperature and keep the rooms ventilated. Don’t worry if...

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Dispositivi Jonix CUBE a Isernia

A Jonix in every classroom in the Isernian school

A Jonix in every classroom and in open spaces to guarantee the best support in safety, air that is both clean and decontaminated for those at school, both young old: yes, it’s possible! And this is demonstrated by more than one school (in addition to Isernia there are schools in Tribano, Este and Treviso too) that have already inserted our devices in their spaces and...

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The TEST from the University of Padua: NTP technology breaks down Coronavirus

The Non-Thermal Plasma technology present in all Jonix devices is capable of breaking down Covid-19. This was demonstrated in laboratory tests conducted by the University of Padua. We, who have believed in this technology even before this prestigious certification, are enthusiastic: our devices can really make a difference in the daily life of many people, especially the most fragile, as happened in the Noventa Padovana...

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Jonix Maps

JONIX MAPS: the first app for establishments with sanitised air

There are many establishments, shops, salons, offices and professional studios that have chosen to guarantee their customers with a constantly sanitised environment. We at Jonix have been asking ourselves how to make sure that those who still do not know these sanitised environments can choose them according to their needs, knowing to enter a safe space. So, after a lot of work Jonix MAPS was...

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Jonix Clean Up Day

Jonix people at the “Clean Up Day” to clean Venice of plastic waste

“Do your part, starting from where you are, with what you have”: this is one of our mantras, we constantly repeat it to ourselves and we try to put it into practice with every aspect of our work. Jonix was born in the province of Padua, just over an hour from our immense national treasure: Venice, a city we love and to which we escape...

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Esercizi respirazione bimbi

Breathing exercises for children too? Why Not!

Small activities of mindful breathing can help better manage fears, moments of anger, help babies calm down and sleep or to switch from a dynamic activity to a more static one. Always in a playful way, of course 🙂 Remember to always do these exercises in a clean and well-ventilated room (perhaps with a Cube!) 5 fingers for 5 breathes + another 5  We offer...

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All about Jonix ionisers: #uncomfortablequestions

We have collected in 3 videos the most frequently asked questions about our devices, how they are used, why they work against viruses, bacteria and volatile pollutants, how to best use them to sanitise and decontaminate the home and work environments. Mina Bustreo, our sales and marketing manager, answers the various #uncomfortablequestions, as we have named this section. Jonix ionisers: what they are, how and...

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Gestire ansia e stress con la respirazione

Manage anxiety and stress by breathing

Before reading this article, answer a question: are you breathing now? You could probably answer, “Of course I breathe, what a silly question! If I didn’t breathe, I couldn’t even read, right? ” Well, kind of 😉 To move on it is important that you stop every once in a while: how is your breathing? Slow, fast, deep or shallow? Are you breathing through your...

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