Communicating sanitised air as a competitive advantage

Tips, good habits and tools We are increasingly more convinced of this: sanitised air, free of viruses, bacteria and pollutants, is and will be a decisive factor of choice for a customer. Entering a safe environment, continuously decontaminated, even while you are in the environment is an added value that must be communicated, because it informs your customer about how much attention, care and quality...

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consegna jonix cube

After 2 months of lockdown: delays and SOLUTIONS

This is an open-heart article. A space where we want to tell you things that are not easy to say. For most of those who read us, we manufacture products that promise to improve life. So it is, we are sure of it, because we absolutely believe in our technology. We have evidence of what we say and constant confirmations from Customers and Partners. But...

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Live better by breathing clean and safe air

How to make the air in your home healthier by choosing between a purifier and sanitiser Do you and your family members get sick often? Especially in your respiratory tract? Do you suffer from any allergies? When you are at home, especially during nighttime, do you have any difficulty breathing well? Is there a bad smell in the house? Do these odours persist? Are the...

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Disinfecting, sanitising, decontaminating: let’s clear things up

Since the pandemic linked to Covid 19 began, terminologies that have previously been used mainly in very restricted areas, health and food production, have now spread to all living and working environments. Now anyone who has a business, especially if he or she runs a place open to the public or a company with offices and warehouses, has had to start familiarising his or herself...

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Sanitising the air in your home and professional environments: which device should you choose?

Air sanitisation of indoor spaces for both domestic and professional use through certified, safe and tested devices: this has been our job at Jonix for years. Our experience has developed into different product lines in terms of use, power and application: Cube, Steel, Mate and Inside are the product lines to choose from based on use, size of the space and functions that it can accomplish. In this article...

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Heavy air in your office? Try changing it!

How can you ensure a healthier, decontaminated and sanitised air for you and those who work with you? Are you struggling to focus and your ideas don’t turn out as bright and immediate as you would like? Does your head ever feel clogged up, you feel that your energy levels are low, with unjustified tiredness at work (maybe you have even slept well and it...

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Buone abitudini per un benessere migliore

How do you breathe?

Good habits for a better well-being Do you know the rule of 3? It is a sort of “mantra” of survival courses and it is used to remember how long you can stay in certain conditions without suffering damage. To sum it up you can survive: 3 minutes without breathing 3 hours without shelter 3 days without water 3 weeks without food And to think...

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L'arte di respirare

The art of breathing: Misurina air in Care Homes!

Dear Mina,Bidding processes, analysis, specifications: hours and hours of writing and exhausting operations all to upload the documentation on dedicated sites and then long and tedious inspections. Only my strong desire for innovation and longing to offer “my” elders and workers a safe place to live and work in. That is what makes me endure the necessary bureaucratic procedures! Not to mention the bids that...

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Pulizie di primavera

Spring Cleaning

Perhaps spring cleaning has never been as important as this year: the hygiene of the environments we live in and our health are closely related. This is why you have to know each product and how to clean in an effective way that isn’t harmful or counterproductive. A pleasant fragrance is not what it takes to make a detergent effective! Often, in fact, behind inviting...

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negozi aria sanificata

Ready for phase 2!

How do you guarantee the safety and good health to those who enter your shop? Carla owns a book store, Luigi and Alessandro own a veterinary clinic, Giovanna runs a chain of clothing stores, Anna and Alberto have a beauty centre and a hairdressing salon respectively. They are all small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with a loyal clientele and eager to get back to business. These...

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What can we do to protect ourselves?

What can we do to protect ourselves in addition to keeping to well-implemented procedures given to us by the Ministry of Health?In relation to this emergency we asked for some advice from dr. Fabrizio Cervelli, a biologist of Laboratori ARCHA in Pisa with whom we have been collaborating for years. Washing your hands correctly and paying attention to every little detail (throwing away used tissues,...

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The art of breathing: Lory

Dear Mina,It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw it, I knew that my days had to start there, cradled by the light. I only chose this house because of that window: a great big French window that opens up to a tiny terrace, nestled between the roofs of the historic areas of the city. In the morning, light enters the room...

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