What do those who know and use our devices say about Jonix? How do you feel a few months or years after purchasing it?

Many of you leave us likes and comments under the posts of our social networks and we are happy about it. We think it may be useful to know your experiences and we have collected them here. We do not put full names for privacy reasons but, since they are all public comments, you can easily find them under the Facebook posts on our page.

If you want to read other opinions, you can find them in the product sheets on our online shop, in the About Us section (at the bottom of the page).

Some people use Jonix at home to make themselves and their loved ones feel better, including children and the elderly:

Federica: About 9 months ago I bought a Jonix cube to purify the air in my home because I suffer from mould and pollen allergy. I am very satisfied because since using Jonix cube I have drastically reduced my intake of allergy medications. I highly recommend it!
Furthermore, I was very surprised by the extremely fast response of the customer service and by their professionalism and efficiency. I received an email response in 10 minutes and my support request was dealt with immediately and fully resolved the day after I submitted the report.
Great company and great product!!!

Anita: I have been using a Jonix cube for over a year now. I made this decision because my 22-month-old baby developed asthmatic bronchitis in the first months of his life. Since we have had a Jonix his health has improved dramatically and our quality of life, too, as we all use it. We can no longer do without it. The product is excellent and the after sales service is super efficient. They reacted within 24 hours by giving a concrete solution to my request. I recommend it on all fronts. Jonix effectively contributes to the quality of the air in the home by improving your quality of life. The technology of this appliance is at the forefront of air purification. High-level performance for a domestic appliance. Thanks, Jonix

Simona: Excellent product, we keep it always on and we couldn’t do without it! It effectively eliminates odours from environments and clothes; also, in the pollen season it is a relief to come home and breathe clean air! The good points are endless and at the top of the list, exceptionally fast and accurate technical assistance is guaranteed. I am convinced that Jonix greatly affects the quality of life! Highly recommended.

Nikla: It’s a fantastic product! A cutting edge discovery in health sector. You immediately have the feeling of breathing much better … I highly recommend it.

Marco: It purifies the air and sanitizes my apartment, I’m thrilled.

Michele: I bought 3, I’m satisfied

Morena: I am really satisfied I purchased it a year ago and it still works great!! 

Antonio: A heartfelt thanks to Nicoletta and to the staff at Jonix in San Pietro Viminario (PD) who were able to promptly solve a problem with our Cube under warranty and free of charge. We are so satisfied with the product and service that we bought another one, because we believe that two Cubes are perfect in a large house and also with a elderly person in the family.

Not only at home, but also in the workplace you feel safer with Jonix, as you’ve told us:

Concita: Great product, I bought it both for my business and for my home, I’m satisfied!

Ilenia: Really happy with the purchase… In the shop you can definitely breathe a different air  

Jole: A real help in our beauty salons, we work safely

Cristian: Bought it in May for my shop and want to buy another for home. Great purchase!!! 

Daniel: Great product!!! I use it at home and in the office 24/7!!!! 

Walter: I always have it running in the shop, and I think it has helped me not to catch the new virus that is going around.

Dani: We have 2 in the studio. It’s wonderful. There are environments that cannot be ventilated, this device is a great help and I honestly feel protected at work.

Antonella: I have 2 professional versions in the studio, where there is a continuous passage of people and we can’t keep the windows open all the time. 

Salvatore: Right choice, I use it constantly in my studio. 

Maria Angela: Excellent we have 2 in the dental office

Caterina: I bought 6 …  and placed them in holiday houses and offices. 

We are happy when in addition to the benefits it brings to your private and professional lives, you also appreciate our values ​​and the technology that differentiates our products

Ornello: Two companies that make excellence the main value with which they create their products and services to guarantee customers the highest quality results. Well done! 

Piergiorgio: Congratulations, excellent product and Ethical project 

Simone: The product is efficient and has a great design. Technology made in Veneto and you can tell it! Thank you 

And sometimes it happens that you ask each other for advice, right under our posts, as in this case: 

Alessandra: It’s exceptional 
Mariagrazia: How do you know?
Alessandra: I’ve had it for three months now
Fabio: Do you use it every day?
Alessandra: Yes, even at night
Fabio: I imagine you perceive the different quality of the air
Alessandra: Yes, the air is fresh and clean.

Thanks to all of you who choose us and trust us by letting us enter your homes and professional spaces and entrust us with your health. To all of you, best wishes from the Jonix team 🙂