A Jonix in every classroom and in open spaces to guarantee the best support in safety, air that is both clean and decontaminated for those at school, both young old: yes, it’s possible! And this is demonstrated by more than one school (in addition to Isernia there are schools in Tribano, Este and Treviso too) that have already inserted our devices in their spaces and many others that are ordering them.

In Isernia, the ISIS “Majorana-Fascitelli” institute has set up a Jonix device in all 43 classrooms, corridors and gyms in the classical and scientific high school complexes. In this way the air that around 900 students breathe daily, as well as all the teaching and supplementary staff, is constantly sanitised, since the devices break down viruses, bacteria and all those volatile pollutants coming from furnishings, building materials and dust coming from outside. Thanks to this intervention, the whole school environment is not only safer but also extremely healthier.

Mina Bustreo, our marketing and sales director explains: “A large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and moulds) naturally circulate in the air. Now more than ever it is essential to prevent their accumulation in closed environments, to ensure the safety of those who live there.”

The Coronavirus has given everyone an awareness that we have had here at Jonix for many years: health comes from what we breathe!

In fact, every day an adult breathes between 11,000 and 12,000 liters of air on average, bringing into their body, in addition to oxygen, many other less useful and often very harmful substances.

Closed and densely populated environments, often poorly ventilated such as school buildings, do not always guarantee the essential health standards for the well-being of young people and adults.

This is why the ISIS “Majorana-Fascitelli” institute made a truly far-sighted choice: not only defending itself from the current contagion but also for the long run. In a school where you breathe well, you study and learn even better (in fact, schools are not exempt from the Sick Building Syndrome we talked about here).

And finally, let’s answer a question that many are asking us on social networks and via email: how can we bring Jonix to our children’s schools? We can tell you what has been done up to now: for example, the ISIS “Majorana-Fascitelli” institute of Isernia, through its headmaster, has invested part of the funds received from the Ministry of Education for sanitisation with Jonix, through the Relaunch decree. Generally, if the request does not originate from the school institution but, for example, if it is an initiative of the parents’ committees, the first step to take is to present a sanitisation project proposal to the headmaster and to the safety manager of the institute, bringing the necessary scientific documentation and all the tests needed to guarantee the efficacy and safety of the devices. We can provide all the necessary reports, tests and documentation: if you want to know more, write an email to us at support@jonixair.it and we will give you all the information we can provide you with.

For further information: Sanitisation of the complexes at the Majorana-Fascitelli institute