The Non-Thermal Plasma technology present in all Jonix devices is capable of breaking down Covid-19. This was demonstrated in laboratory tests conducted by the University of Padua. We, who have believed in this technology even before this prestigious certification, are enthusiastic: our devices can really make a difference in the daily life of many people, especially the most fragile, as happened in the Noventa Padovana nursing home. There, thanks to the Jonix systems, there has been no case of Covid-19 among the guests. And without having to impose a lockdown on operators, as in many other nursing homes.

Jonix tested by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua

Testing a technology to verify its effectiveness against Covid-19 is a very complex process. First of all, you need a laboratory that has an adequate level of safety. And in Italy there are very few. According to WHO regulations, in fact, the laboratories that handle pathogens such as viruses are divided into biosafety levels (BSL) which identify all the measures necessary to protect operators, the environment and the outside world. There are 4 biosecurity levels based on the microbiological risk assessment: level 1 for the lowest, all the way up to level 4 for highest, indicating the need for maximum containment because of the research on pathogens for which there is no definitive cure and that can be lethal to humans (the Ebola virus has a BSL4, for example). The Covid virus, SARS-CoV-2, requires laboratories with a biosafety level 3 to examine pathogens with possible airborne transmission associated with serious human disease. The laboratory of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua which tested the Non-Thermal Plasma technology present in the Jonix is ​​also a BSL3. A suitably sized Jonix device was used for the test in order to verify its virucidal activity, that is, its ability to reduce infecting viral particles. The results were clear and demonstrated that our device with NTP technology has an effective antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2, with a reduction in viral load equal to 99.9999%.

The Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) is effective against Coronavirus

What is the Non-Thermal Plasma and how can it be effective against viruses in the air and on surfaces? Be aware: The plasma we are talking about is not blood plasma! We emphasise this because many people, maybe at a quick glance, get confused. Cold plasma (or non-thermal plasma, NTP) technology has nothing to do with blood plasma therapies that have been talked about a lot in recent months.

Plasma, in chemistry and physics, is an ionised gas, a gaseous mixture of electrons, ions and neutral species. Nothing strange or exotic: as the CNR (National Research Council of Italy) explains, 99.9% of the visible matter in the Universe is in the plasma state.

Non-thermal plasma is a plasma activated by a small electric field and is capable of producing oxidising reactive species, which in turn act on a large number of types of polluting compounds.
The heart of every Jonix device are the actuators: the generators capable of producing the non-thermal plasma, ionising the gaseous flow.

To simplify: (our technicians guide us in clarifying the explanation) we can say that Jonix devices circulate the air developing reactive molecules that attack polluting particles (viruses including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, moulds or VOCs) and break them down, making them harmless.

This without releasing any type of chemical substance or residue into the environment!

Jonix devices against the virus: how to maximise their use

We emphasise on one point: we have proof that Jonix devices are effective when put in an advantageous position. They must be kept switched on constantly and correctly POSITIONED and SIZED: a very large or very polluted space (saturated with substances or due to the presence of many people) requires one or more Jonix devices of adequate power, positioned so that the air flow can spread freely.


Here we have explained how to choose the most suitable device for your environments and here how the devices work and all the precautions to be taken to obtain all the benefits.

5 points to remember:

  1. With Jonix you can keep your rooms decontaminated and sanitised constantly: keep your device on while you work or live your spaces.
  2. Place your device appropriately: it must be free, therefore not between shelves, not closed in a corner or inside a piece of furniture. The more central the location, the better the air flow.
  3. Choose the number of devices based on the activity carried out in the environments to be sanitized and the size of the environments.
  4. Do not place objects on top of the device
  5. The space to be treated must be as open as possible, without bulkheads, dividers or high bookcases.