• Jonix for b2b: the economic advantages for people who choose Non-Thermal Plasma
    technology in their workplace
    Hospitality, catering, clinics and emergency rooms, logistics, production plants, the foodindustry, fresh produce markets, fish, flowers, waste storage depots, shopping centres and shops: these are just some of the business fields that can obtain economic and productive benefits, by using devices with Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma technology in their premises.No need to say that the advantages differ from sector to sector, but we can pinpoint some … Read more
  • How to bring environmental wellness to your office (and perform better)
    Whenever you feel good you work better: it may seem trivial but how workplaces are designed and set up demonstrates that this is not taken into as much consideration as it should.Researchers at the University of Warwick have experimentally demonstrated that the psychophysical well-being of workers has an immediate and quantifiable impact on work: where conditions are better, productivity increases by 12%.Investing in employee well-being, … Read more
  • The sustainability report proving what we say IS what we do
    What you will find in this article: Being a benefit corporation: a commitment over time Jonix and the global goals for 2030 The Jonix Sustainability Report Being a benefit corporation: a commitment over time Last year, Jonix became a benefit corporation, that is, in a nutshell, a company that starting from its statute, is committed to creating and sharing well-being, working on every aspect of … Read more
  • The breath of happy organizations
    Taking care of the air means taking care of people Taking care of the air that people breathe in care environments means taking care of their mental and psychological well-being, as some of the speakers at the event “Il respiro delle organizzazioni felici” (“The breath of happy organizations”) which was held at Exposanità explained to us. All the presentations were extremely useful and interesting and … Read more
  • Nourishing with air: the system that fuels our well-being
    What are our body’s sources of energy? One is food and the other is air! Have you ever thought about it? The body recharges itself through breathing, which can be aerobic or anaerobic. One is more efficient and the other is the backup system. Do you know the difference? The reserve system: it is anaerobic respiration. It gives you the turbo, but it is not … Read more