We have collected in 3 videos the most frequently asked questions about our devices, how they are used, why they work against viruses, bacteria and volatile pollutants, how to best use them to sanitise and decontaminate the home and work environments. Mina Bustreo, our sales and marketing manager, answers the various #uncomfortablequestions, as we have named this section.

Jonix ionisers: what they are, how and why they are effective

Here are the questions we answer in the video:

  • What are Jonix devices and what does it mean to sanitise with Non-Thermal Plasma?
  • Are Jonix devices ozonators or ionisers and how do they differ from ozonators?
  • Do they have any contraindications?
  • Are there any documents/certifications that attest to the validity of what you say and that the product actually kills viruses?
  • Do the devices have detectors that indicate that they are actually decontaminating the air?
  • Who makes Jonix devices?
  • Will they still be useful after the Covid-19 emergency?
  • Do the devices make noise?
  • What are the applications for Jonix devices?
  • Is maintenance complicated? Do you need specialised technicians?

Sanitise workplaces with Jonix

These are the questions on the professional use of Jonix sanitising devices

  • How is Jonix different from other systems?
  • I have a public place: can I use your devices?
  • Can I avoid masks and social distancing with your device?
  • How can you be sure of the effectiveness of Jonix?
  • Reclaiming the air what does it mean?
  • Can I keep the Cube always on?
  • Can I use your devices with air conditioning?
  • What advantage does Jonix give me?
  • What effect does sanitised air have?
  • How do I know which device is right for me?
  • Where can I buy a Jonix?
  • Do you need a technician for installation and maintenance?
  • I would like to buy a Steel: who should install it?
  • Can I customise the Steel?

Decontaminate and improve the air in your home with Jonix Cube

Finally, here are the questions relating to the home use of the Jonix Cube

  • Why have a Cube at home?
  • Does it work against viruses?
  • What are the three notches on the display?
  • How to choose the right level?
  • How do you quickly sanitise a 20 square meter (215 ft2) room?
  • And when you cook?
  • Where to find more information on use?
  • When should you change generators?
  • What is 8.000 hours equivalent to?