How many grains of sand make up all the beaches of the world? All the beaches in the world contain an amount ranging from 2.5 to 10 sextillions. That’s inconceivable!

Yet the molecules that pass through your nose at every single breath are even more: as many as 25 sextillions, which reach you from a few centimeters or many meters away. Then it’s really worth it to have good molecules passing through, which help your body keep in good health.

A great way to work on your well-being is to train yourself to inhale and exhale slowly through the nose, so to maintain a low heart rate. The optimal respiratory rate of about 5.5 breaths per minute allows you to fuel your body with the right amount of air. To oxygenate the breath, you need to be in environments where the air is not stale, but constantly regenerated and cleaned, through an adequate airflow, purification, the use of a sanitizer such as Jonix Cube, which has no contraindications if used in the presence of people.