Let’s face it: at the beginning it strikes you because it is beautiful, very beautiful. When you start to have it always near you, you realize how much better you are and you understand that you will no longer be able to leave it, you would like it to accompany you everywhere, even on vacation.

Yes, the Jonix Cube really improves the quality of life of those who let it into their own, because it guarantees immediately healthier and constantly decontaminated environments. Jonix Cube regenerates the air you breathe as you breathe it, improving your well-being and helping you prevent infections. With Jonix Cube you work, sleep and live better, because, like all devices in the Jonix family, it has unique features that make everyone who tries it fall in love.     

100% Made in Italy

Each Jonix device is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with materials sourced as much as possible from selected local suppliers: 

  • based on the quality of the workmanship, to guarantee the best result to those who choose us, 
  • based on geographical proximity, to impact the environment as little as possible,
  • based on the values ​​with which they guide their company, to create harmonious social and economic development together.

Our suppliers represent the best of the Italian manufacturing identity: they know all the potential of what they produce and know how to create with us the most suitable component for every need. 

For Jonix Cube we have also chosen to collaborate with a local company of value: the assembly of some components of the devices is entrusted to Sol.Co, a social enterprise in Treviso that transforms the different skills of people into resources for the entire community.   

Made to last

Your Jonix Cube will accompany your well-being for a long time, because every Jonix device is designed and built to last, beyond the normal 5 years of most small appliances. Furthermore, Jonix sanitisers are designed to have low running costs and power consumption of a few watts. Our chemical experts, physicists and engineers have already done all the work, maintenance is quick and easy, the display will notify you when it is time to clean the generators or to replace them (after approximately 9,000 hours of use). With a few gestures, in total autonomy, you can restore your device. So there is no need to call and pay for a technician.     

It takes care of you and the planet

If you already use it, you already know: how much better do you feel with a Cube in your home or the office? Not stale, but light and fresh air at any time of day, even after cooking, healthy and safe environments (including surfaces!) For everyone, especially those with allergies and asthma. The reactive particles, produced by the patented generators, “hunt” for all the pollutants present in the air of closed environments (viruses, bacteria, moulds, VOCs, particulates) and eliminate them without leaving residues. Where you breathe well you sleep well and live better: the sanitised air with Jonix Cube helps to improve your general health and those who live with you, for long-lasting well-being.   

Jonix Cube and all Jonix air sanitisers are also good for the planet: they are made with a percentage of recycled and recyclable components to the maximum extent to ensure reliable and long-lasting products, they have a short, transparent and all-Italian production chain, such as we have already explained to you and they also know how to… plant trees!   

Jonix, in fact, is a benefit corporation that has chosen to plant the number of trees necessary to offset the production of CO2 generated by its production, joining the Treedom project .    

It is a tested and guaranteed proprietary technology We are the only ones in Italy to have an internal scientific laboratory ( JonixLab ) which tests, designs and develops Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology , cold plasma technology, the heart of all our devices, in new areas of application. In the JonixLab we carry out experiments to produce scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the systems and their safety. JonixLab has also developed and filed 3 patents for Jonix generators, to guarantee their uniqueness in terms of performance, safety and efficacy.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Cube!