This is an open-heart article. A space where we want to tell you things that are not easy to say. For most of those who read us, we manufacture products that promise to improve life. So it is, we are sure of it, because we absolutely believe in our technology. We have evidence of what we say and constant confirmations from Customers and Partners.

But today we want to talk about something else. Jonix is ​​team, people who are working 16 hours a day in this period, it’s also an interconnected Company, which needs materials made and supplied by other Companies. The delay of these materials, very often without warning, causes the delay in the production of our devices.

We know you are waiting impatiently for your JONIX device: we are aware that this delay is causing you complications, we apologize and let us explain how we are solving this situation.

The pandemic has also affected big Companies: a global phenomenon

The pandemic has been a shock that has affected virtually every economy. It did not arrive everywhere at exactly the same time and with the same ferocity, nor it received the same responses from various governments. But it has spread with such speed as to paralyze the global supply chains and to find large multinationals and states unprepared.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented global interruption in supply chain planning: Samsung, Apple, LG, Rolls Royce, the Italian Fincantieri, Brembo, Ferrari, Ducati, Pirelli, Piaggio, have suffered and they are still experiencing the lockdown repercussions and the supply chains interruptions. Probably also you have suffered losses or you’re stemming delicate and unpredictable situations due to the global phenomenon.

2 months of lockdown: consequences on our supply chain

In the midst of large companies and multinationals, there are also realities like ours. We have suffered and are undergoing the same shock.
Even our supply chains have been hit hard: Italian Suppliers, internationally qualified, are not keeping their commitments with us during and after the lockdown. The sophisticated components that make Jonix devices so effective and useful in a situation like this, have become almost impossible to find.

The inevitable consequence of this are delays, even important ones, compared to the commitments made with our Clients. We are aware that these delays put all those who have chosen us in difficulty. We are aware of this and we are doing everything in our power to manage the situation.

What we are doing to resolve the situation

Let us to explain you how we are working hard to resolve this critical issue:

  1. We have researched and activated further reliable Suppliers
  2. We are paying the components at much higher prices due to the scarcity, but we HAVE NOT INCREASED the prices of our devices
  3. We have increased the staff by 5 who work on 14 hours daily shift
  4. We have decided to create a pre-order method for our Cube, a reservation that allows you to reserve the product as soon as it is available again. With reservation in June, CUBE units will be delivered by the end of August.
  5. Sales Management is available from 6:00 to 22:00 to answer to all requests
  6. We have committed ourselves to a new 4,000 square meters building to store main components to be always available, to fulfill orders and to prevent future shortages of components

We would like to inform you that WE ARE DELIVERING, with some delays, but we are delivering. And while the big companies, even the multinationals, are about to close factories because they can’t manage the leaks in the supply chain, we don’t stop us. This is the great resource of Italian SMEs: we are flexible, able to reorient ourselves even in the complexities, managing to change the strategy quickly to cope with what is happening.

Finally, THANK YOU: for reading us up to here, for choosing us and for the patience with which you have accepted the critical issues we have told you about.

Some references:

Enterpreneur: “A forecast by Bloomberg Economics estimates a total of 2.7 trillion dollars of lost production worldwide, equal to the entire UK GDP. The global supply chain has already been hit hard, from China to the United States to Brazil, and 94% of Fortune1000 companies have suffered disruptions due to the pandemic.”

Oxord Business Group: “From national blocs to enclosed airspace and borders, Covid-19 has resulted in an unprecedented disruption of the mechanisms of most economies, regardless of size or stage of development. In particular, the erection of these barriers has put a strain on the world’s supply chains, including essential links related to food and medicines”.

Financial Times: “All companies are looking for alternatives to supply their suppliers, but we know it will be difficult and it is not clear how long it will take” Friedolin Strack, German Federation of the BDI Industry.