Sanitised, healthy and clean air will be your new competitive edge

Do you know what is the first thing a person notices upon entering your premises (especially in this historical moment)?

It is not the furniture, the light or the colours, but the air you breathe inside.
If it is spoiled, heavy or excessively perfumed (even with disinfectant) the person who is entering can feel claustrophobic, tired, nausea and discomfort with a long-term effect. 

A customer told us that during pregnancy, when the sense of smell of many women becomes heightened, she was no longer able to enter her favorite supermarket: the mixture of different smells of food, detergents and people made her sick. Unfortunately, however, this discomfort has not disappeared over time: even now, years later, the mere sight of that shop causes her discomfort because her brain has memorised the negative feeling. Eventually, she was forced to change supermarket. An exceptional case?

No, it happens a lot more often than you can imagine. The sense of smell is, in fact, the only sense directly connected with the limbic system of the brain, which deals with long-term memory and emotions. If you want customers to become fond of your place, you have to give them something they can connect with to remember: fresh, crisp and light air, an air that conveys the feeling of clean because it is truly clean and purified, to breathe in serenity.

Why sanitise the air and surfaces of your premises?

Sanitising your indoor spaces with Jonix devices means eliminating all odours, viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, allergens, volatile pollutants present in indoor spaces, due to the presence of people, brought from outside or emitted from furniture, paints and cleaning products. 

healthy environment, constantly sanitised, can be recognised immediately, in the first breath, because the air, activated by Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology, is light and crisp, allowing better oxygen absorption and an overall feeling of greater well-being: 

  • guarantees deep hygiene and cleaning: our devices sanitise air and surfaces, eliminate odours, reduce viruses, allergens, bacteria and all volatile pollutants due to the presence of people, brought from outside or emitted by furnishings and cleaning products.
  • adds value and pleasure to the experience that your customers can have and remember you for a long time with confidence 
  • improves perceived comfort and the feeling of relaxation, allowing your customers to dedicate themselves to your proposals in peace
  • it has low energy consumption: the Jonix devices have low power consumption and allow you to constantly keep the air clean and light, without creating thermal imbalances. They are also perfectly compatible with heating and air conditioning. 
  • prevents sick leave: sanitising environments prevents contagions, improves the health of spaces and increases the well-being and productivity of you and your colleagues, contributing to the protection and promotion of health in the workplace 

How to choose the right sanitising device for your professional environment?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the various types of activities:   

  • activities in which airborne substances are used (lacquers, fixatives, perfumes) such as beauty salons and hairdressers, but also laboratories where paints or glues are used; 
  • activities in which a very high standard of environmental hygiene is required (food production or medical-health sector, including veterinarians);
  • activities in which there is a frequent alternation of people (shops, banks, offices open to the public, catering and hospitality)
  • activities in which several people are present at the same time for long periods of time (offices, coworking, artisan workshops).
  • activities in which people remain for a long time and without PPE (bars, restaurants, hotels)

Also keep in mind that the higher the concentration of odours and substances in the air (not only viruses, but also chemicals) the greater the sanitising power required, even for small spaces.

For example, for a 180 cubic meter (6356 cubic feet) library, a Jonix Cube will suffice, while for a hairdressing salon of the same volume it would be more appropriate to use two Cubes or a Steel one, because the concentration of pollutants that saturate the air is considerably greater.

Other elements to consider: the volume of the space to be sanitised (the total cubic meters of air) and the subdivision of the spaces. An open space, for example, has different needs than an environment divided into several rooms (such as an outpatient clinic that includes a waiting room, a clinic for the examination, a dressing room and a bathroom, separated from each other by walls or partitions). 

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