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We are increasingly more convinced of this: sanitised air, free of viruses, bacteria and pollutants, is and will be a decisive factor of choice for a customer.

Entering a safe environment, continuously decontaminated, even while you are in the environment is an added value that must be communicated, because it informs your customer about how much attention, care and quality you bring to your room. And we, who know our products well, are particularly keen on helping you with this communication and have prepared many materials that you can use.

We have something special for you! 🙂

How to boost your Jonix device online, on social media and on your site

To help you communicate effectively and consistently Jonix values, we have prepared a COMMUNICATION KIT which includes:

Photo kit: a folder that includes official high definition images to be used for online and offline communication of all of our Jonix products (Cube, Steel, Mate line) outlined and on a transparent background, to give maximum relevance. Another folder contains photos of the Cube in various environments, to show it in its beauty and versatility!

Social kit: in this collection you will find 3 pieces of content (to choose the 3 posts related to the purchased product) ready for publication on your Social media pages. An image is available for each post cropped to a square 1:1 format for Instagram and Facebook + vertical 9:16 for Instagram / Facebook Stories) and their relative text.

Policy: includes guidelines to make an effective communication of the Jonix products and brand, in line with the company values and correct from a technological/scientific/regulatory point of view. In the policy you will also find ready-to-use texts to correctly answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our devices and indications to find all the necessary information.

If you want to receive our communication material write to

And now some ideas for your online communication:

  1. You can do an unboxing when your Jonix arrives on your IG stories
  2. Show your Jonix at work in your environments, adding: “Our environments are sanitised with Jonix! -99.9% of viruses, bacteria, pollutants”
  3. Say how you clean and sanitise your premises with a video or story on Instagram: your customers will be more laidback knowing how you take care of them also through the hygiene of your spaces
  4. Use the images that we have made available to you in the social kit
  5. Share the posts we publish on our official pages, explaining that your facility’s air is also decontaminated with Jonix
  6. If you have a broadcast group with your loyal customers, send a message explaining that they can enter your premises peacefully because they are constantly sanitised with Jonix, a cold plasma ioniser that constantly eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the air.
  7. Do you use a newsletter? In the next, add one of the photos that we have made available to you and write: “In our rooms you can breathe in serenity and safety: Jonix devices eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, organic pollutants and volatile compounds from the air. Jonix devices are certified, do not use chemicals or disinfectants: the air, activated and ionised by cold plasma generators, performs the most effective and healthy decontaminating action.”
  8. Take advantage of your Google “my business card”, adding in the description that your premises are constantly sanitised with Jonix.
  9. Sign up for our brand new JONIX MAPS app!

How to enhance your Jonix in your premises

Keep in mind that people are more relaxed and more focused on their purchase if they feel safe: do not miss an opportunity to remind them of the sanitising presence of Jonix even while they are in your premises

For this we have prepared printed materials that you can put in plain view:

  • A window sticker for the entrance with the inscription: JONIX SANITISED ENVIRONMENT
  • An A3 format poster that explains why your environment is safe
  • A certificate to guarantee the effectiveness of our devices.

And don’t forget that the Cube is talked about only by seeing it! Everyone will ask you what it is, so don’t put it in a corner, but display it in the area as central as possible: it will be even more effective (as we explain here) and will arouse everyone’s curiosity.

If you want to receive our printed material write to

Jonix MAPS

With Jonix MAPS you can reach new contacts and be found by all those who carefully choose where to enter, where to buy, where to take care of themselves and where to spend their time.

The Jonix Air app pinpoints on the map all the environments sanitised with our devices: when a customer wants to go to an establishment (be it a shop, restaurant, bar, hotel, lounge, office, etc.) where the air is constantly sanitised, he or she will receive a suitable solution for his or her needs, by category, distance, offer, based on the research fields he or she has filled in. Joining the Jonix App won’t cost you anything, but it will give you many advantages:

  • emphasise your attention to safety to those who enter your premises
  • be found by new customers
  • optimise your reputation
  • increase your visibility and the traffic to your site (or your social networks)

 How to do it:

  1. Download and fill in the consent form with your company data to allow us to add your business in the Jonix MAPS
  2. Go to this link fill in the form with all the data and click on the send button
  3. Our staff will contact you to notify you that your company has been included in the Jonix MAPS

So, are you one of us? 🙂

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