How to have safe and sanitised surfaces

The first days of the pandemic, in February 2020, we all went out with plastic or latex gloves, remember?

The terror of touching and carrying the virus with you, the confusion and unknowingness of the disease. Even before the safety masks, the fundamental rule was to wash your hands often and well. As the virus became analyzed and known, it was apparent that the air is the main vehicle to spread and infect. Gradually we stopped using gloves to go out and we focused on masks and air regeneration.

With Omicron, however, things have evolved again and the most recent studies, such as the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, have discovered that Omicron remains longer in the air and on surfaces.

This very high “environmental stability” of Omicron – that is, its ability to remain infectious – may have helped it replace Delta as the dominant variant and spread more rapidly.

Should we go back to gloves, then? No, if certain precautions are taken, such as sanitizing objects and surfaces with something that kills viruses and bacteria in good time from all surfaces when exposed to its action.

And that’s exactly what you can do with Jonix devices: their Non-Thermal Plasma technology quickly eliminates the viral load from surfaces up to 99.9999%, according to what was tested by the Department of Molecular Medicine of Padua (read more about our tests and certifications).

Sanitise your home

Your Jonix Cube is very useful also for ensuring hygiene and safety in the areas such as wardrobes and entrances where you keep outside clothes and accessories, as well as on the surfaces of bedrooms and kitchens and in the garage.

Use it:

  • next to the coat rack: to sanitize coats, jackets and shoes you wear outside the home;
  • in the walk-in closet to eliminate odours, keep mould away, sanitize clothes;
  • near the shoe racks to eliminate bad smells and pollutants from outside.

Turn it on where you have just dusted and washed: it will effectively sanitize all surfaces and air, making the space healthy, safe, free of contaminants, viruses and bacteria, for a truly sparkling cleaning!

If you have to use very aggressive products for special needs, keep it switched on near you as clean, it will help you not to breathe the potentially dangerous elements that the products spread. Turn it on near cushions, armchairs, sofas, and curtains after fluffing and brushing them to disinfect and remove any odour!

Your Cube is also very useful in the cellar and in the garage to purify the air from car exhaust fumes, reduce the formation of mould and odours, eliminate VOCs emitted by furnishings, improve hygiene and the conservation of products stored in the pantry, make poorly ventilated environments healthier and fresher.

Sanitise surfaces at work

Open the door of your office, salon, shop, club and feel fresh, clean, regenerated air: you can take a deep breath and start your work day with a real breath of well-being. How is it possible? Thanks to Cube Professional, with advanced and patented Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma technology, you can turn it on while the shop is closed and let it do all the hard work for you, treating the air and surfaces. Jonix Cube Professional is the latest addition to the Cube line and helps you to sanitise and purify the air and surfaces of your work spaces, guaranteeing you, your customers and collaborators healthy and constantly sanitised environments. And with the “night” function, a non-stop sanitising cycle lasting 6 hours is activated, acting continuously on the air and surfaces. At the end of the 6 hours it will automatically return to level 1. When you open the door the next day there are no residual substances, no chemicals, only good air and sanitized surfaces.