Finally, we can return to visit exhibitions and museums! The first will certainly be one of our favourite museums, which we have been supporting and protecting with our technology for years.

This is Palazzo Zabarella , one of many gems in Paduan art, a treasure trove of culture and history that we too help to keep safe with our sanitisation systems, so that people can experience the beauty in a protected environment and the works of art enjoy the optimal conditions for their conservation.   

Cube, Mate and Inside to protect works and visitors

At Palazzo Zabarella we have installed our devices to purify and deodorize the air and to sanitise fan coils and audio guides.Preventing deterioration on the art due toenvironmental pollution, both biological and chemical, coming from the outside and produced inside by the flow of visitors. Throughout the exhibition area we have inserted six Jonix CUBEs , positioned near the paintings, to counteract high concentrations of compounds that are potentially harmful to the works and at the same time guarantee the visitor air free from viruses, bacteria and odours. Jonix MATE , a sophisticated air filtration and sanitising system that collects airborne dust to avoid their deposit on the canvases and ensuring decontamination from pollutants, has been placed in the room on the first floor. Even in situations with large crowds, the necessary sanitisation of the ambient air volume is guaranteed thanks to a modulating ventilation system managed by the control software. The fan coils of the air conditioning system are equipped with the Jonix INSIDE device, which keeps the critical parts inside the cabinet constantly sanitised. To guarantee visitors maximum hygiene, we have created a sanitisation system for the audio guides after each use, especially for the museum. The entire exhibition area of ​​Palazzo Zabarella thus becomes a space with a unique microclimate: the works of art are protected from decay and the visitor have a profound emotional experience.