Our tips for breathing fresh and clean air even in summer

After a long and tiring winter (from all points of view) like the one that just past, we are all eager for warmer days when we can open the windows and bring light and heat into our homes (and our lives). 

Just think that the famous architect Le Corbousier defined the ideal house as one full of light and air, with walls as empty as possible. How to have fresh and constantly healthy air in your home or workspace even in summer? We asked our experts for help to give you some really useful advice.

Windows and fans: when, how, for how long

To cool down, the most immediate thing to do is to open the windows when the air outside is cooler than the air inside, such as at dawn, dusk and at night.

Our technicians suggest always evaluating the direction the window is facing: rooms with south-facing windows can be unbearably hot in the summer, so it’s important to choose curtains that don’t let the sun’s rays through.    

The trick is to keep the air moving, like a breeze moving through your home. To do this, make sure you have the windows open at opposite ends of the house, while also leaving the doors to the other rooms open. This will create a draft and allow air to move freely through your home.  

Even houseplants can help maintain cool environments, as well as improving the air as we have already explained here . Plants act as natural air conditioners and generate humidity in the atmosphere. So having houseplants around will help naturally keep the house cool in the summer. Don’t forget to water them, especially when the temperature rises outside!   

And the fans? They are a great help, even the paddle ones, very simple, but you have to use some precautions for them to be really effective. It may seem absurd, but the trick to getting the most out of your fan isn’t always pointing it in your direction.   

Fans, in fact, if left to themselves, can simply circulate the same hot air. How to do it, then? Remember: As warm air rises, the cooler air in your home will be at floor level, so place the fan on the floor and point it upward. Place it against the opposite wall, in a space free from large objects. This way the cooler air will bounce off the wall and back into the room, mixing with the warm air to help lower the temperature. To speed up the process, you can place a bowl of ice water in front of the fan so that the air blows over it. 

If you have a basement, place a fan that points from the stairs to the rest of the house to push fresh air towards you. In the heat, closed windows cause the air in the house to quickly become heavy, stale and increases the feeling of discomfort. Furthermore, keeping everything closed keeps the air from circulatingincreasing the concentration of pollutants present in closed spaces, with the consequences that we all know (here you can read what happens in offices). To improve your air quality and breath fresh and crisp air, you can turn on your air purifier for rooms: the Cube, small and efficient, consumes very little (only 10 watts) and guarantees you constantly regenerated, oxygenated and healthy air. And breathing better will also ensure a better quality of life and sleep, even on those sultry nights when a good sleep seems like a mirage.

Is your air conditioning healthy?

Prepare your air conditioner for the summer

Preparing your air conditioner for next summer is essential for enjoying a fresh, healthy and safe environment. The first thing to do is to have your technician perform check-up on the unit, to diagnose any problems and fix them before the summer heat begins.    

Then it is essential to replace the air filters, fundamental to keep your home cool and to make the air conditioner work properly. The air filter can become clogged and cause problems with the air conditioning. If it becomes clogged, you will notice a difference in the airflow. Also, be sure to keep the unit clean and check the coolant levelsCheck the outdoor unit to make sure there are no leaves and keep the condenser area free of grass, stones, leaves or dirt.     

Despite cleaning and maintenance, air distribution systems can develop bacterial and chemical pollutants inside them that are transported into the rooms by the airflow, worsening its quality and directly affecting your well-being.  

To sanitise the internal surfaces of the ducts and, consequently, the air in transit in your spaces, you can have a Jonix Inside system installed: its advanced cold plasma technology (Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology) acts on bacteria, moulds, viruses, pollutants chemicals, VOCs and odours, giving you safe and healthy environments.

The Jonix Inside system is designed to be easily installed in all types of ducting, where you want to prevent or eliminate the formation of bacterial colonies on the duct and airborne surfaces. Jonix Inside has a simple and essential design, it can be functioned and controlled remotely using its integrated management systems, the control and functions can be managed remotely.

The Jonix Inside system has features that make it effective and efficient:

  • reduces the microbial load and volatile organic compounds up to 99% compared to their initial concentration; 
  • has a low energy consumption: from 20 to 40 watts; 
  • improves the perceived quality of the air: also eliminating odours from the air in transit;  
  • does not use or produce residual chemicals