It has been our specialisation since we were created: since 2013 we have been focused on designing, developing and manufacturing machines for professional and domestic sanitisation. Over the years we have developed the widest range of devices designed, tested and certified to make the air and surfaces of the workplace healthy. And all 100% produced exclusively in Italy.

How to choose the device: 3 main factors to consider

To choose the most suitable sanitiser for your professional and working space you must consider the following 3 factors:  

Based on the evaluation of these main variables, our experts will be able to advise you whether to use one or more Cubes, small but powerful, or to consider the Steel, Mate or Jonix Up In series.

A device for every activity, let’s get into details

Professional activity 

The first thing to bear in mind when choosing the most suitable sanitising device is what type of professional activity takes place in the environments to be treated

  • Is it an activity in which airborne substances (lacquers, fixatives, perfumes) are used such as beauty salons and hairdressers? 
  • Or a workshop where paints or glues are used? 
  • Is it an activity that requires a very high standard of environmental hygiene, as in the case of food production or the medical-health sector, including veterinarians

In fact, each type of activity carried out is characterised by the use of materials, products and rules that help define the type of sanitisation required based on the saturation and type of pollutants present in the environment. The higher the concentration of substances in the air (not only viruses, but also chemicals), the greater the sanitising power required, even for small spaces. For example, for a 180 cubic meter (6356 cubic feet) library, a Cube will suffice, while for a hairdressing salon of the same volume it would be more appropriate to use two (or a Steel), because the concentration of pollutants that saturate the air is considerably greater

Dimensions and requirements of the space

Other elements to consider are the volume of the space to be sanitised (the total cubic meters/feet of air) and the subdivision of the spaces. An open space, for example, has different needs than an environment divided into several rooms, such as an outpatient clinic that includes a waiting room, a real clinic for the examination, a dressing room and a bathroom, separated from each other by walls or partitions. The presence of half-height bookcases and separators must also be considered as a determining factor: to ensure maximum effectiveness, the sanitising device must, in fact, be positioned in a space that is as open as possible.

Presence of people

An important factor that determines the choice of the type of sanitising device is the presence of people and how they use the spaces to be treated: the needs of those environments in which there is a frequent alternation of people will be assessed in a different way (shops, banks, offices open to the public) compared to those in which more people are present at the same time for long periods in a permanent way (offices, coworking, artisan workshops).

Keep these elements in mind and together with our treatment and sanitisation experts you will be able to find the right device for your space.

Whatever the final choice, remember that all our machines guarantee high sanitising power with low consumption and are extremely easy to use and maintain. We have already thought of everything, you just have to… switch it on!