The only smell allowed (in premises, common areas and the bedrooms) is that of clean air, to quote Arrigo Cipriani, of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, in his In Praise of hospitality.

Fresh air, which feels only clean, is the first sign of quality and an important impact that can make the difference for those who choose you. 

Smell is the only sense directly connected with the limbic system of the brain, which deals with long-term memory and emotions. 

Give your guests something they can connect with to remember: the experience of breathing deeply, even indoors, crisp and light air, in all serenity and safety. 

Constantly regenerates the air, without side effects, without chemicals, creating a comfortable and safe environment for everyone, even the most vulnerable (allergy sufferers, asthmatics, children, the elderly): 

  • Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology improves air quality, allows optimal oxygen absorption. And breathing constantly regenerated air will also make your guests’ relaxation perfect and their experience better. 

What can Jonix professional devices do for your hotel?

  • Improve your guest satisfaction: An Expedia survey found that over 60% of customers rated hotels with high indoor air quality better. Providing the sanitisation and air purification service distinguishes you from competitors, and is a particularly appreciated element for which 40% of customers are willing to pay more.
  • save on energy costs: air treatment, heating and cooling can affect 15-20% of the total cost of running a hotel and a restaurant, our devices, however, have a low consumption (barely….) and allow you to constantly keep the air clean and light, without creating thermal imbalances.  
  • guarantee more effective and safer cleaning: our devices sanitise air and surfaces, eliminate odours, reduce viruses, allergens, bacteria and all volatile pollutants present in the rooms, halls and common areas, due to the presence of people, brought from the outside or emissions from furniture and cleaning products 
  • have fewer sick leave: sanitising environments prevents contagions, improves the health of spaces and increases the well-being and productivity of your staff

Those who experience well-being remember it for a long time.