Two big pieces of news: Jonix has become a benefit corporation and is listed on AIM ITALIA!  

AIM Italia is the Italian Stock Exchange Market dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth-potential and Jonix has been assessed as such, as an innovative SME. 

What does this mean? 

First of all, that many people and companies are willing to believe in us, in our way of doing business, of acting responsibly, in the way of designing and producing, of doing research.      

And this is the thing that makes us extremely proud, knowing that so many see in Jonix what we see, to the point of choosing to invest their capital in the growth of value of our company.  

Being listed on the Small Stock Exchange allows, in fact, to expand and diversify the sources of financing, strengthens the production and commercial structure and expresses the objective value of the company. It is a long, difficult path that required a great deal of commitment and that we expressly wanted to accompany with the transformation into a benefit corporation, because we are convinced that it is possible to develop profit and at the same time create ethical products, relationships and impacts, which give value to everyone, people and the planet.

Through the amendment of our statute, we have formalized the desire to combine economic growth, social commitment, respect for the environment and every year we must draw up an impact report to transparently inform all stakeholders, i.e., the public, directors, shareholders, on the results achieved in the creation of common benefits. Being a benefit corporation for us means that we have made a commitment to people and the environment and we have done so because we are convinced that the present and the future are what is built with everyday work, without compromise.