Our path to becoming B-Corp

We have a mission for the next 5 years: become B-Corp, because we want to give a name and visible form to what, in our opinion, is the only way to be a company now. And most importantly, to be a company in the future.

There is a Bob Dylan song that says that every journey begins with a single step, so starting with us, we want to build a future that isn’t only ours.
We started Jonix with a clear idea in our mind of what and how we wanted to do things.
For our devices, we decided to use a technology, the non-thermal plasma, that could significantly improve people’s quality of air and life with the least amount of impact on energy resources and the environment.

We chose to only develop our products in Italy, producing only the necessary items: our stocks in our warehouse are calculated on-demand as not to have any surplus or waste any resources.
We entrusted the assembly and packaging of the Cube to Sol.co, a social enterprise which transforms peoples abilities into resources for the community.

We invested in projects that look to a sustainable not so far future: we are working on micro greenhouses for self-cultivating plants, in a protected environment, without the use of fertilizers and chemical products. The goal is to enhance the genetic potential of plants with a more efficient use of irrigation water and the control of their nourishment.
Our path involves a change in legal form to become a Benefit Corporation and also to clarify in our articles of association the commitment to offer, as a company, well-being for people and the environment. Benefit Corporations are, in fact, “an evolution of the concept of for-profit business to bring about common benefits both for society and the environment.” (societàbenefit.net)

We would like to specify one important thing: being a benefit corporation is a courageous and unbiased choice that derives from the desire to manifest our values: in the present time, “Benefit Corporations do not enjoy economic or fiscal incentives thus, in addition to representing a value for the society, do not cause burdens for taxpayers. ” (cit.)

The next step for us is the B-Corp certification which implies a further commitment on our part on a structural and procedural level. In fact, we will face a long external evaluation process that will measure the quality of the impact generated by our work on all stakeholders (internal and external, in addition to partners, producers, suppliers, customers and the entire production chain).

B-Corps do not enjoy incentives or fiscal relief of any kind either! Indeed, it is additional work, on multiple fronts, but we face it with serenity and determination because we are convinced that a company’s success is not only found with the profits it generates. Success, as we understand it here in Jonix, it means profits + shared well-being, a virtuous situation in which everyone wins and nobody loses. And it is no coincidence that we decided to announce our project during the Black Friday week and the world strike for climate change, for crazy and unbridled consumption and for those who are committed to a sustainable future. No, it is no coincidence: we think that it is high time we gave voices to our values, to offer not only in words, but a desirable alternative, because we don’t want to be the best company in the world, but the best company FOR the world.