How do you guarantee the safety and good health to those who enter your shop?

Carla owns a book store, Luigi and Alessandro own a veterinary clinic, Giovanna runs a chain of clothing stores, Anna and Alberto have a beauty centre and a hairdressing salon respectively. They are all small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with a loyal clientele and eager to get back to business. These people live in an ambivalent situation: on one hand they are happy to be able to reopen their stores and salons, on the other they ask themselves with concern how can they continue their activities without any risk. How do you guarantee safety for your employees and customers? How do you maintain healthy conditions suitable for this new situation? How do you interact with the many people that enter and leave your environments? For all of them, and for many others that we have been hearing in the last few weeks, these questions are a constant thought, even now, indeed especially now that they have reopened.
A large number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, both shop and chain owners write to us and call us to learn how to protect themselves. What they ask us is how our sanitisation system can be an effective response, part of a winning strategy to face this phase for a near future with uncertain outlines.

We want to answer you and them with the words of qualified experts, the chemists and biologists of the laboratories Archa of Pisa who have been testing and studying the potential, effects and applications of Non- Thermal Plasma for years: the technology behind all Jonix devices.

How can Jonix devices guarantee the safety of air in closed spaces?

The strength of Jonix devices is Non-Thermal Plasma which has a complete radius of action: while filter purifiers eliminate filtering any dust present in the air of closed environments, they cannot intervene on microorganisms smaller than dust (such as viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds, as we explain here), meanwhile NTP devices instead attack and disrupt EVERY harmful element dispersed in the environment.

The NTP system is active on two fronts: microbiological and chemical and can therefore eliminate viruses, bacteria, moulds and germs; it can also eliminate formaldehyde (toxins, used in resins and released by some furnishings throughout long periods of time), detergent residues, pesticides, paints, pm10 and much more.

How does the technology in Jonix devices effect viruses and bacteria?

The heart of Jonix systems (both for domestic and professional use) are cylindrical generators-activators (you can see them here), on whose surface the generation of cold plasma takes place, i.e. an ionised gas formed through the mixture of electrons and ions, whose total electrical charge is zero.

Cold plasma is an ACTIVE system: it is capable of ionising common ambient air making it “active” against both microbiological and chemical contaminants.

Ionised air oxidises the cellular tissues of living microorganisms and irreparably damages them, causing them to die. In this way a “sanitising” effect is obtained from a microbiological point of view: viruses, bacteria, moulds and all kinds of microorganisms are eliminated from the air in spaces where the ionising device is present.

Why and how is Jonix different from other sanitisation systems?

Usually air sanitising devices make use of chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc.) which are dispersed and sprayed in rooms that need to be “cleaned”. These operations must be carried out with complex equipment only by specialised personnel, they must take place in rooms absent of people, which must remain “closed” until disinfection of the room and the disinfectant has “evaporated”.  

The Jonix sanitation system, on the other hand, does not use any chemical substance: the air itself, activated by the cold plasma generators, performs the sanitising action.

For this Jonix systems do not require the handling of any liquid disinfectant; all you need is an electrical outlet and the power consumption is that of a common household appliance. It is recommended, to be present in the treated environment while the Jonix device is turned on, because the ionised air produces many beneficial effects also for your body (by improving your oxygen absorption). To increase the effectiveness of the system, some Jonix professional devices (the Mate line and the Steel line) also provide for the use of filters, which allow the elimination of suspended particulate matter (here to read how to choose the professional device that best suits your business).

Why an in-store sanitising device is a competitive advantage

You may also remember that in the 1990s, when air conditioning was not yet widespread everywhere, many restaurant owners placed a sign which said “air-conditioning inside” on the entrance of bars and clubs. And the presence of an area that saved you from the heat of the outside was one of the determining factors in the choice of one room instead of another.

From now on, another factor will be crucial: SANITISED air. There is no doubt that everyone will pay more and more attention to the conditions of the spaces they frequently use or in which they want to enter: getting ready to guarantee them health and hygiene will therefore be essential. Small spaces will not be worrying if properly sanitised, people will be more relaxed and more focused on their purchases if they do not have to continually ask themselves what they are breathing or touching. And there is something to remember, you and your employees will be more laid back, relaxed and safe too!