Dear Mina,
It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw it, I knew that my days had to start there, cradled by the light. I only chose this house because of that window: a great big French window that opens up to a tiny terrace, nestled between the roofs of the historic areas of the city.

In the morning, light enters the room with a gentle touch and illuminates the entire living room. I am where I want to be. My dear Mina, what a fabulous thing to be able to say!

I could also say that I thank life for bringing me here, in front of this window, but I have learnt that merits and responsibilities (and I don’t want to call them faults!) have a name, mine.

I want to acknowledge all of these values to myself but one in particular: I do not count the years passing by anymore. I count the books I read, the memories I have, the people I know and the people I love. I count the plants that I have grown until now, and they are all there, still very green. I count the forks and the dishes, the cushions and the chairs: too many, perhaps, compared to the overall size of this small house, but always too little compared to the space of my heart.

I am where I want to be: I open my door to whoever I choose, I cook dishes that smell of mint and lemon, I let the cats slip between the legs of those who let themselves be pampered by their warm caress.
I am where I want to be and I know I can breathe easy with this knowing. And now I can tell you, Mina: it is also your merit! The Cube you recommended took away that last bit of reluctance I had in welcoming people to my home.

Preventing me from living these moments peacefully, in fact, it was one small thing that annoyed me enormously. The strong odours that burrowed into the house, especially during the winter. Kitchen smells (we both know how good the onion is, but … let’s talk about the smell that permeated, it felt like sleeping in a saucepan of ragù!), the smell of my beloved cats, which however clean they may be could still smell their stink. 

Ever since the Cube was “welcomed into the family” I have been much more peaceful: I keep it on constantly and the air in the house is always fresh, lively and light. In short, exactly how I feel! And if only you could see my plants, they look as if reborn!