Mina Bustreo has been working for Jonix ever since this ionising cold plasma air purification system was only a project. Mina saw through every phase of development of this technology and its evolution into a home and workplace sanitisation/purification device. Through her role as the commercial and marketing manager she met suppliers and clients, she was able to share with the Jonix team their respective needs, expectations and very often their stories. Thanks to these meetings the whole Jonix team has developed a desire to listen and sense of responsibility towards whoever will use these products and whoever realises its long- and short-term impact on people and the environment.

Do you remember your first breath?

The first thing you do in your life post-birth: some scientists say that it stays imprinted into our deepest memory and it could influence many aspects of our psyche. It’s certainly a special moment: for the first time air fills your still crushed lungs and oxygenates your whole body.

I believe that every breath that is granted to us brings us back to that first time: every single breath is a possibility of rebirth.

I was thinking about this, realising how many families’, individuals’, companies’ stories I have encountered since Jonix came out on the market. Jonix, in fact, enters people’s lives and, by improving the quality of air in the environments they live, it improves the quality of their life and solves big and small problems. I wanted to rally here the thoughts of the people I met to share with those who will read the treasure of emotions, discoveries, rebirths that has enriched me a lot and I think it will be able to do the same with you.