On April 12th, 2021, we made a commitment. Or better: we have made official a commitment that we have been carrying out since we founded Jonix. It’s a bit like we were a de facto couple before and now we’re officially married.

We have put pen to paper in our statute that we are committed to pursuing objectives of common benefit, which concern the environment, people, relationships, shared development. Jonix with its work and its products wants to be part of the solution: on 12 April 2021 Jonix became a benefit corporation.

Jonix is a benefit corporation: what does it mean

Benefit is a company that creates well-being for all as well as profits, which generates positive impacts on employees, communities and the environment, which works in the present with the future in mind. In a benefit corporation, the percentage of women holding managerial roles is higher, the employees have more favourable conditions, job guarantees, opportunities for training and growth, more jobs are created, the energy wasted is compensated, suppliers are also chosen based on their social and environmental performance.

In a benefit corporation, not only turnover objectives are set but also social, environmental and impact objectives.

To become a benefit, we had to change our statute and register in a special register at the chamber of commerce. Every year we must draw up an impact report to clearly inform all stakeholders, i.e., the public, directors, shareholders, on the results achieved in creating common benefits.  

Being a benefit company has no tax implications or incentives. It is a choice, a commitment of our own and a way of doing business that makes our values ​​visible to all. 

How Jonix products differ

Being a benefit corporation also means designing and manufacturing in a different way, here’s how Jonix devices manage to make a difference: 

  • 100% production made in Italy: favouring expert and high-quality local suppliers 
  • durability: our products are designed to last more than the 5 years expected for household appliances on the market 
  • social value: we network with organizations and social realities of the territory, we collaborate with Sol.Co social enterprise of Treviso for the assembly of some components of the Cube, we have supported the local civil protection and the local schools in dealing promptly with the pandemic   
  • environmental value: we have decided to plant the number of trees necessary to offset the production of CO2 generated by production, by joining the Treedom project and we are supporters of the Clean Up initiatives in the area, promoted by Legambiente and local associations such as Plastic Lagoon Venice 
  • proprietary patented technology: we are the only ones in Italy to have an internal scientific laboratory (JonixLab) which tests, designs and develops the core technology of each device. Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology is protected by 3 patents developed on the generators, to guarantee their uniqueness in terms of performance, safety, effectiveness. 

How we work for a greener and more sustainable future for all 

We have invested in projects that look to a future not too far away but truly sustainable: in our scientific department, the Jonix Lab , we are working on home mini greenhouses for growing vegetables in a protected environment, without the use of fertilisers and chemicals. The goal is to enhance the genetic potential of plants with a more efficient use of irrigation water and control of their nutrition. 

All these researches have an important link with our idea of ​​the near and distant future. Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology, in fact, makes indoor environments healthier and safer but can also be applied outdoors: it allows, in fact, completely sustainable crops in terms of reduction (up to complete elimination) of chemical products, optimisation of available water resources, using less soil thanks to vertical cultivation. We see a great change in agriculture, not only a projection but something concrete that goes beyond organic, with crops in environments protected from atmospheric agents and pollution, greater protection for agricultural entrepreneurs and the connected economy, increase in the quality and safety of products for consumers.