“Do your part, starting from where you are, with what you have”: this is one of our mantras, we constantly repeat it to ourselves and we try to put it into practice with every aspect of our work.

Jonix was born in the province of Padua, just over an hour from our immense national treasure: Venice, a city we love and to which we escape to as soon as we can, to fill up on beauty and enchantment. A project was born in Venice that we immediately wanted to support because it reflects our values and moves to do something concrete. Plastic Free Venice Lagoon is a non-profit organisation created to raise public awareness on the environmental impact that plastic waste has on the environment and they study its possible solutions.

Venice, in fact, with one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, is like a magnifying glass to understand how microplastics released in the form of abandoned waste can affect the life of marine flora and fauna, putting the very existence of the city at risk.

How to make this risk perceived and at the same time activate change? How we like it: getting our hands dirty! On Sunday 4 October 2020, on the occasion of the World Day “Clean the World”, we at Jonix will participate in a special “Clean Up Day” in Venice, organised thanks to the collaboration with Plastic Free Venice Lagoon and supported by VERITAS, Legambiente, Ocean Space and other local associations.

Armed with a net and gloves, we will clean up the streets and canals of Venice from removable waste and, more specifically, from plastic waste that, accidentally or voluntarily left out, invade vast lagoon areas, the waterways near the mainland and the mainland with their polymers.

Just imagine that last year we sifted and cleaned the internal canals of the Cannaregio, San Marco and Castello districts starting from Campo San Lorenzo and ending at Marina S. Elena. The results of this collection were disconcerting and worrying: we collected a total of 205 kg of plastic, 647.50 kg of unsorted waste, for a total of 852.52 kg of garbage thrown into our wonderful lagoon.

Clean Up Day –2019 Edition

Seeing those 137 bags full of waste was a punch in the stomach, but it proved to be of great importance because it remembers that our every gesture (even as small as a cap or cigarette butt thrown on the ground) and our every choice (how much plastic is in everyone’s shopping these days?) can transform the place that hosts us into good or bad.

Want to be a part of the team? Friends, allies, clients, let’s be honest: the whole lot of Jonix people can join us in this amazing day: it will be an unfiltered way to discover Venice and, at the same time, give her a hand with staying beautiful for many years to come. 
We’ll be waiting for you at the Jonix Point: at 9:30 am at Campo Santa Fosca, where you will find the organisation’s stand and request the Jonix’s clean up kit, with a t-shirt, hat, canteen and together with the information to go trash hunting. 

Note: book your kit by writing us at support@jonixair.com, thanks 🙂

We must remind those who participate to keep all the necessary precautions to enjoy the day in total safety: mask, social distance, prudence, but many, many smiles, which can also be seen only from the eyes!

What if it rains? We hope not, of course, but if so, the event will be postponed to a later date, of which we will notify you.