Dear Mina,
One November evening, coming home from the office, I found the living room overtaken by a pungent burning smell and the windows wide open. Cold and fog were entering, but that stench seemed to not go away. I was immediately in alarm, but a burnt pot in the sink made it all clear to me.

I heard my baby and wife’s voice: they had closed themselves in the bedroom so as not to breathe in the smoke and not get cold. Anna had improvised an evening picnic on the carpet of Luca’s bedroom. Obviously, he was having lots of fun, but I didn’t like the situation, because the smell was already creeping into the rest of the apartment, which is not very large. 

Small spaces and saturated air both inside and outside, then? What do we breathe in? What does Luca breathe in? 

Being afraid of what enters your body through the air is terrible, it is like feeling surrounded by an invisible enemy that can touch us, penetrate us, envelop us and make us defenseless. I was scared. I, myself, who has never been afraid of anything, not even going down a slope with bicycle at 90 km per hour, nor to collide with the rough seas while paddling with my arms, nor to jump with a paraglider. Then with the birth of Luca everything changed: I was no longer just me, there were no longer only my limits seen as a border to be constantly moved. I had become responsible for a delicate creature, with such light skin that one could count the veins that passed through his body. I felt like I was holding a crystal work of art.

I started being scared of what could hurt him. Even in the place that I thought was the safest for him.

That’s why, my dear Mina, I’m happy to have a Jonix Cube with us: it gives me the certainty of a safe and healthy environment for my child, my wife and I. 

It’s true: I can’t protect Luca from everything in the world for his whole life, but at least in our home, between my arms or in his bed, I know that I’m offering him the best that I can.