Dear Mina,
Bidding processes, analysis, specifications: hours and hours of writing and exhausting operations all to upload the documentation on dedicated sites and then long and tedious inspections. Only my strong desire for innovation and longing to offer “my” elders and workers a safe place to live and work in. That is what makes me endure the necessary bureaucratic procedures!

Not to mention the bids that cause quite a stir: multinationals, large cooperatives, large companies, with more or less valid ideas and titles, but all engaged in this gold rush to place their products and services, with empty technical reports and too many promises.

Yet I admit it my dear Mina: these bids must also be thanked! It is through them that I can get to know companies that offer us true innovation without fear. That bring value. That’s how I met Jonix: among the proposals during a bid, thanks to my eye and empathy.
How could my elderly and staff feel good – I kept asking myself – in an environment where, at times, the air becomes thick with stench, pain, boredom, food, sweat and dust? For years I had fought it, but it was always a programmed dispensing of chemical substances created in order to cover up, camouflage and deceive, not to purify.

At that time, I was fighting two battles: saying goodbye to our use of disposable plastic (and we did it! With 228,800 glasses, 42,240 bottles and 104,000 plastic spoons no longer used per year!!) and improving the air in the facilities.

Therefore, when I received the proposal to try an Italian company instead of a foreign multinational, and based just out of the province of Padua, like our establishment, I had no doubts. I liked the idea of zero km products and Jonix’s attention to social issues. Mine has been a winning choice. We have both Cube and Steel installed in half of our establishments which work 24 hours a day.
In addition to this, we received the Minimate that we use when there are large groups and in the event of a health emergency.

Many people ask me if these devices work. Absolutely! I have proof of this: the fact that they were not all installed in the same period allowed me to test it out, during the first winter, drops in cases of the flu both in the staff and in the elderly.

Where Jonix technology was present, only three workers fell ill, in the other establishment (not yet reached by the technology) seven people were absent due to being sick. All this has obviously translated into fewer expenses to pay for the coverage of sick staff and less turn-over of the elderly. Thanks to Minimate, we continued to organize large group activities, sanitising the air before and after the activity itself. And do you want to know something else, my dear Mina? The staff can’t even remember the name of the devices, but they all call them Misurina! Just like you said the first time you came, I remember it well: “Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the air of Lake Misurina“. And it’s true: when I welcome new people visiting the facility, the first thing they tell me is: “This home is not like the others, there is no bad smell in here“. This is why this is an accomplishment. I don’t explain to them that there is something behind all of this, I focus on that, on the nose of visiting family members and on the fact that their first impression is a healthy breathable air, which does not smell, an air that reassures and cheers you up. An air that makes them think “Maybe this can be my dad’s new home, a home that smells good!