It may be hard to believe, but often the indoor air is much more polluted than outdoors. The main reason is that the pollutants that arrive from the outside or that are generated inside (from furnishings, activities and the presence of people), if the environment is not sufficiently ventilated, remain where they are, progressively increase in concentration and they are breathed by those who are present, with consequences on their well-being. 

Can you fix it right away? Sure! We are here for this very reason 

Why purify the air in your home

We will now tell you a true story told us by a mother to testify how important a healthy indoor environment is: “At the age of 3, my son started to have colds all the time: runny nose all year round, coughing, trouble sleeping. We blamed the kindergarten he had just started, because he had never had anything up to that point. Between the ages of 4 and 5 he also had 5 cases of pneumonia, not enough for hospitalization because it was always caught on time, but still serious. We have done thousands of investigations, exams but there was nothing verifiable. The thing we hadn’t thought about was the house: at that time, we were renting a house that looked new and in order, but was actually not healthy. It was in a polluted area and had a lot of hidden moulds. We started using Jonix Cube and the situation has changed a lot: colds have dropped and breathing has improved. The certainty that the main cause of the disturbances was the environment, shortly after, we moved: “in the last 4 years, in the new house, the child has no longer had anything, pneumonia disappeared and colds very rare”.         

Breathing clean air is therefore an important prevention tool: it improves the quality of sleep, strengthens the immune system, increases concentration and productivity, and gives relief to those suffering from allergies and asthma. Surrounding yourself with clean air helps prevent chronic headaches, fatigue, heart disease, and numerous serious degenerative conditions. The children, the elderly and people with cardiovascular health problemsimmunosuppression, allergies, asthma or breathing difficulties have great benefits, immediately apparent, from breathing sanitised and decontaminated air.   

Try to be careful: signs of poor indoor air quality are, for example, accumulations of dust, condensation on windows and heavy or bad smelling air, feeling of fatigue in breathing, especially at night. The causes of poor air quality can be kitchen fumes, especially gas, heating and cooling systems, mould, pets, household cleaning chemicals, furniture and building materials (paints, glues, mortars, etc.), pollution that comes from the outside. Elements that we practically all have in our homes: so how to change the situation? 

How to purify the air and breathe better at home

The first step to improving air quality is to increase the airflow: open the windows and use a purifier to reduce pollutants and always regenerate clean air. With Jonix sanitisers you eliminate a wide variety of pollutants such as viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, moulds, allergens, volatile chemical compounds and all types of odours from the air and surfaces. Breathing air thus decontaminated helps you prevent infections from airborne diseases, relieves the breathing difficulties of those suffering from asthma and allergies, increases oxygen absorption, facilitates relaxation and night rest, improves concentration.       

It is also important to avoid clutter because it offers particle collection points. Clean the surfaces daily, especially those where you spend a lot of time, such as a desk or bedside table, to eliminate the dust you might inhale, a simple mix of water and vinegar is enough, to be sprayed on the surfaces and then wiped with a cloth.    

Avoid introducing pollutants from the outside: leave your shoes outside, if possible, brush pets outdoors.

Beware of what burns or disperses in the air: the smoke from candles, incense, essential oils, cigarettes, air fresheners, release substances that can be inhaled, so it is important to ventilate the rooms after burning anything inside and immediately dispose of the ash. 

useful action that concerns you directly is to wash your eyes and nose every evening and every morning, with simple water or with a physiological solution, you will breathe better immediately and will help you prevent colds.   

You can also improve the air of the house with plants and with some attention during cleaning.

Choose the most suitable air sanitiser for your home

To purify the air, you will find two types of devices on the market: those that filter dust and those that act on all pollutants, eliminating them.   

The filter purifiers are recommended system for those living in heavily polluted areas, near busy roads and construction sites, because it captures particles and fine particles, however, merely filtering, have no effect on viruses, bacteria and all other substances present in the air of the house, such as volatile substances (VOCs, including benzene, toluene, formaldehyde) emitted from building materials, combustion processes, household cleaning products or laundry products. An important thing to remember is that filter purifiers have an important periodic maintenance: it is necessary to change the filters often and clean the device properly, because the dust retained by the filter favours the development of microorganisms.     

If you want to decontaminate the spaces in which you live , eliminating up to 99.9% of all pollutants, from viruses to VOCs, then the right tool for you is a sanitiser.     

These devices, in fact, have within them certified technologies capable of decomposing ALL dangerous substances and transforming them into inert substances, absolutely not harmful to humans. Jonix Cube is the sanitiser for domestic use and for small professional environments which, through the tested Jonyx Non-Thermal Plasma Technology, acts on the molecules of viruses, bacteria, moulds making them inactive and breaks down all other polluting and harmful volatile compounds into substances not harmful to humans.      

Jonix Cube was tested by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua which verified its effectiveness against Covid 19 . Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology, unlike most sanitisers on the market, has a fundamental feature to ensure healthy environments: it is an ACTIVE system, that is, the reactive particles “hunt” for all the pollutants present in the environment (viruses, bacteria, moulds, VOCs, particulates) and break them down without leaving residues. And you breathe safe, healthy, clean air.